A business opportunity for people that use prepaid [pay-as-you-go] airtime and data. We supply airtime from South Africa's trusted network service providers.


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Download Luqrate Mobile app from play store.




Use the app each time you recharge your airtime and data.



Share the app with your friends and family members.




Earn part of the profit made when your friends buy airtime on the app.




To qualify for earnings, you must buy airtime worth of R60.00 or more per month.


Invite people that you know to also use our app to buy airtime and data.






1. Obtain Luqrate-PIN [introducer link] from the person that invited you to Luqrate Mobile.

2. Download and install the Luqrate Mobile app on your phone.

3. Pay subscription fee of R90.00,  as well as buy R60.00 airtime to get you started.

4. Share the app with your friends and use it everytime you buy airtime.


Luqrate Mobile is an online retail business that sells airtime, data, as well as prepaid electricity.

Luqrate also offers business opportunity to consumers that wish to earn extra income through multi-level (word of mouth) marketing.

You subscribe and start buying your airtime, data, and electricity from our mobile app.

Secondly, you refer your friends and/or family members to also subscribe and buy airtime from Luqrate Mobile.

Every time someone in your team buys airtime or other prepaid services on Luqrate Mobile, you earn a share of the profit that was made on that sale. To maximize your earnings, you are encouraged to refer six (06) customers that will subscribe and start buying Luqrate Mobile airtime.
When the six subscribers that you have referred to Luqrate Mobile refer our services to six of their own friends and family members, you will end up with a total of thirty-six (36) new team members on your level 2 and you will continue to enjoy profits each time those buy their airtime too.

This continues until there is seven (07) levels/generations in your team, from which you earn profit every time they buy airtime.

Only one person – as soon as you refer your first person that subscribes and buys airtime from Luqrate Mobile, you start generating profit.

You can only refer a maximum of six (6) subscribers on Level~1, if you should refer more than six, the 7th subscriber onwards will automatically move over to your level~2 (automatic spill over).

It is important to note that you are required a monthly minimum recharge of R60.00 yourself in order to qualify for earnings.

Luqrate Mobile earnings do not stop, provided that both you and your team have active subscriptions and you all buy minimum airtime of R60.00 per month.

You can withdraw funds from your wallet whenever you need cash, the funds will be paid directly in to your nominated bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

You need to first obtain a Luqrate-PIN of the person that referred you to Luqrate Mobile, without a PIN you will not be able to register.

You will also need an existing Prepaid SIM card, your mobile number will be registered on the system and this will be the mobile number that will be linked to your account.

As soon as you fill out and submit the online registration form, you will receive an SMS with your login details as well as your own Luqrate-PIN.

The next step is to select one of the three subscriptions and make a payment for it in order to activate your account.

You are now ready to recharge and start building your business.

NO – You keep the mobile network service provider of your choice as Luqrate Mobile sells airtime for all networks except FNB.

No – Only prepaid and top-up contract numbers can be registered because Luqrate Mobile only sells prepaid services.

Please note that we also cannot register FNB SIM-cards at this stage.

You will be allocated a virtual Wallet when you register and this wallet will function much like your bank account. Cash deposits as well as earnings that you generate will be credited in to this wallet, and you will be buying airtime using the wallet balance.

You are also able to use your debit / credit card to top-up your wallet, you can also deposit cash or process EFT in to our ABSA bank account in order to top-up your wallet.

Please note that all cash deposits and EFTs of more than R100.00 in value will be processed instantly, provided that the reference number used when making a payment matches your registerd mobile number.

All transactions of R100.00 and lower in value will be processed manually with up to 24 hours delays – you are strongly advised to make payments that are more than R100.00 in value to prevent delays.

Note: EFTs from other banks could take up to 48 hours to clear, your wallet will only be updated once the funds have cleared in our bank account.

Bank Name: ABSA
Account Name: Luqrate Mobile
Banking Account: 4095493426
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Your regisered phone number

The system only displays members of your team that have already paid their subscription fee. All other members of your team that have not yet paid will not be visible.

Only your registered number can be recharged by Basic and Standard subscribers.

Merchant subscribers can recharge any mobile number.

Customer support helpline: 0 [+27] 10 065 0069

Support email addrress: support@luqratemobile.co.za

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