NEVER – Luqrate Mobile keeps your bank account information exclusively for the purpose of paying monies to you as you withdraw from your Luqrate Wallet, under no circumstances whatsoever shall Luqrate Mobile debit your bank account.

When you register, you’re issued with a virtual wallet which functions similarly to a normal bank account – all transactions on your account are processed from this wallet.

In order to buy anything from Luqrate Mobile, you must first have sufficient balance in your Luqrate wallet

Customer cash rewards also accumulate in this wallet, and you can withdraw cash from here in to your bank account.

This is a license granted to consumers to use the e-Spaza business platform. The platform sells prepaid products and services for profit, which forms part of cash rewards that are paid to the license holders.

e-Spaza will deduct rewards worth of R180.00 from your virtual wallet to pay for the monthly license fee, it also recharges the customer with monthly R60.00 airtime.

A Free account is for consumers that have no need for additional income, they only want to purchase prepaid products on Luqrate mobile app and they are not willing to earn cash rewards.

This account requires no user-license and it is available to all consumers.

e-Spaza account is for customers that need a reliable and sustainable source of income.

When a consumer purchases any product from Luqrate Mobile app, profit is made from that sale and Luqrate Mobile keeps only a portion of that profit, the other portion is offered to e-Spaza customers as cash rewards.

The more consumers that can use the Luqrate Mobile app to purchase prepaid products/services, the more transactions e-Spaza license holders will have to enjoy cash rewards from.

e-Spaza is tremendously profitable because it is a store that is within reach of millions of airtime users that could potentially purchase other products such as electricity, pay for Dstv, and other services whilst they buy airtime.

Because we all buy airtime and data over and over again, e-Spaza cash rewards will therefore not stop, for so long as people keep buying airtime and other products with Luqrate Mobile.

Luqrate mobile does not use a point system, profit generated from sales derive customer rewards in a cash form and not airtime.

As a consumer, you can decide to buy additional airtime, data, electricity, or any of our other products with your accumulated cash directly from your Luqrate wallet, or you can withdraw hard cash at any ATM nationwide.

Prepaid or Top-Up contract SIM-card from any of the major service providers in South Africa

Smart-Phone that can access Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore

R180.00 – This consists of R120.00 e-Spaza license fee, as well as R60.00 airtime recharge from your network service provider of choice.

There are three ways to generate income:

PROMOTIONS – Competitions, bonuses, give-aways, and other forms of promotional rewards are offered on ad-Hoc basis.

PROFITS – You can resell airtime, data, electricity, and other products and services to make profits directly from each transaction.

CASH-REWARDS – this is linked to the people whom you have recommended Luqrate Mobile services to and they decided to become e-Spaza license holders too.

Each time they buy ANY product or service from e-Spaza, you will earn cash rewards. You need to have at least one such persons in order to earn these rewards.

The best way to see the exact amount you earn per transaction is to view your earnings statement as soon as someone buys something – it provides a view of what product was sold, at what selling price, the amount of profit made on that transaction, as well as your rewards from that sale.

Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.

Because we reward customers for buying products and/or services on our platform, Luqrate Mobile cash rewards do not stop for as long as customers keep buying from e-Spaza.

YES, you can cancel your account only in writing. Note that R50.00 account termination fee applies. Please address your cancellation request to support@luqratemobile.co.za

Yes – Luqrate Mobile reserves the right to terminate your account if you are found to be infringing on the terms and conditions, and/or if ordered by the court of law. Note that R50.00 account cancellation fee shall apply.

No – e-Spaza is a business just like any other spaza shop in your back-yard, please update “Beneficiary information” with accurate valid information so that Luqrate Mobile may know who is to take over the account.

Yes – any person [including organizations] that owns a prepaid or Top-up contract SIM card can subscribe to e-Spaza and earn customer rewards.

Three ways to make a payment:

  1. Instant EFT with using Ozow – a secure online payment processor
  2. Processing an EFT from your bank to any of Luqrate Mobile bank accounts
  3. ATM / Cash deposit in to any of Luqrate Mobile bank accounts

N.B: Always use your mobile number as reference when making payments

You simply select the “Withdrawal” tab from Wallet screen, specify the amount you want to withdraw and confirm. The funds will be paid in to your nominated bank account within 48 working hours.

Note that you cannot withdraw any amount below R100.00

You will be required to update your banking details [if you haven’t yet] prior to performing a withdrawal.

NEVER – Security of your account information is of utmost importance to us, your bank account number is encrypted and/or hashed on the system to make it unreadable to human eye, not even will you be able to see it after saving it.

YES – Luqrate Mobile cannot be held accountable for any damages/losses whatsoever suffered after the funds have been transferred into the bank account that you specified on the system.

We employ best industry standards security measures and we constantly looking for new ways to enhance security and privacy of your account. It is therefore highly unlikely that your account could be hacked into unless you compromise your login details.

Our office address is 108 Johan avenue in Sandton, Gauteng, we’re however an online business, therefore, do not have a walk-in customer service centre. To visit us you must first make arrangements with customer support on +27 10 013 1223 so that they can book you a meeting with the individual/s or department that you wish to see.

Currently we host online [Zoom] presentations on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:00.

Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/3990213264?pwd=dGQvMGJiNGdMQXFYRjlrT01WWkJzUT09

Gather your friends together and join our live presentation sessions without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Our customer services champions are standing by to assist you with any query you might have, you can phone customer support centre on 010 013 1223, or you can send us an email on support@luqratemobile.co.za

ATM deposits and EFTs that were processed via Ozow will reflect instantly.

EFTs processed from your bank account will reflect as soon as your payment reaches our bank account.

Always use your registered mobile number as reference when making a payment.

Yes – you can use a PC to interact with our systems if you do not own a smart phone.

A person that invited you to Luqrate Mobile must share their Luqrate-PIN with you so that you can register, alternatively, you can request for a Luqrate-PIN from customer support team only If you came across Luqrate on the media without being recommended by anyone.

Please make sure to use your registered mobile number as reference when making a payment, the system recognizes the number and credits the money that you deposited to your wallet. If an incorrect ref was used you will need to send proof of payment to pop@luqratemobile.co.za and accounts department will manually credit your wallet.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between a zero and a letter ‘O’, the same happens with the numeric ‘1’ and a letter ‘I’, as well as a few others. To avoid errors, instruct him/her to copy the PIN and paste it where it is required, they must make sure not to copy empty spaces before and after the PIN.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Share’ button on the top right of the app to send them a link to register from without the need to physically type in the Luqrate-PIN

NO – our airtime only works in South Africa; therefore, we are not able to cater for other countries as yet.

Do you need any further assistance?