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How It Works

Are you retrenched looking for alternative opportunities, or you still have a job but you’re drowning in debt, or perhaps you’re just unemployed and almost losing hope, or you have your own business and you’re looking for ways to grow your sales?

This Mobile app is different from anything you’ve seen or heard of before, it is an automatic income generator designed to work for you while you do the things that you enjoy doing.

Key Features

Discount Online Shopping

Buy airtime, data, and other products at discounted prices

SpeedPoint Services

Turn your smart phone into SpeedPoint machine, sell airtime, electricity, DStv and other products directly from your phone

Free Money Send

Send money home as simple as 1.2.3… the recipient can access the money from any bank ATM

Secure And Reliable

We employ some of the best security measures in the market today to ensure secure, stable and reliable app performance.

Easy Cash Withdrawals

You can withdraw money from your Luqrate wallet at any time and collect the money from any ATM nationwide.

Proudly South African

E-Spaza is a proudly South African product, established and operating since the year 2018.

Accept Online Payments

You can now accept card payments in your tuck shop using your Luqrate Mobile app.

Free airtime vouchers

Get free R10.00 airtime voucher each time you successfully invite a new customer to Luqrate Mobile.

Robust Cash Rewards

The first mobile app to pay you cash rewards not only when you buy products, but also when other customers shop on the app.

Friendly Customer Support

You have access to friendly call centre support for assistance with any queries that you might have.

Luqrate E-Spaza

We invite businesses, both large and small, to sell their products and services through Luqrate Mobile app for improved sales and customer loyalty.

We have thousands of consumers ready and willing to buy your products and services because they earn passive income through our cash rewards program when they buy your products using Luqrate mobile app.

It is mandatory to offer discounts on products and services sold through our app in order to enable Luqrate Mobile to formulate cash rewards for consumers.

Luqrate Cash Rewards

Consumers earn cash rewards simply by shopping on Luqrate Mobile app. Invite your friends to use the Luqrate mobile app and earn a portion of the profit that is generated each time those friends buy anything using the app.

These cash rewards accumulate in your Luqrate virtual wallet, you can withdraw from there and collect the cash at any ATM nationwide.

Luqrate SpeedPoint Services

With Luqrate Mobile app, you have an option to turn your smart phone into a speedpoint machine, enabling you to improve your cash-flow by selling any of our products to your friends, colleagues, and people around you.

Instant Money Send

With Luqrate Mobile app, It is completely free to instantly send money to your loved ones on the other side of the country. The recipient can either spend the money they’ve received buying any of our products on the app, or they can withdraw from their Luqrate wallet and collect it at any ATM nationwide.

Our Products

Luqrate Mobile offers a new and rewarding way to purchases products and services that we already use on a regular basis anyway, we do not ask you to buy anything that you have no use for.

Note that the product list below will keep expanding as more and more businesses start promoting their products through Luqrate Mobile app.

  • Airtime
  • Data
  • Electricity
  • DStv Payments
  • Free Internet Hosting
  • VOIP Telephone services
  • Outsource Call Centre services

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Are you looking for a side-hustle? This Mobile app is different from anything you’ve seen or heard of before, it is an automatic income generator designed to work for you while you do the things that you enjoy doing.